Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM / CNC) / Rekenaar ondersteunde vervaardiging

We have a comprehensive facility for designing and machining practically any geometry in wood and plastics.
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Now also aluminium and other soft metals on the big machine shown below.
And lately also plasma cutting of profiles in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.
The travel grill is a good example.
With a bed of 2200 x 1400 mm and a gantry height of more than 500 mm, some really very big models can be machined
Flatbed 3D CNC machine from Isel automation in Gemany
Large high speed flatbed 3D CNC machine from Isel automation in Germany.
A handyman's dream:  A huge multipurpose machine without protecting covers (highly illegal in Europe). It can do almost anything  - except play the piano.
Plasma cutting word in Duits 'Plasma-Schmelzschneiden' genoem, dus smelt-snywerk waarin 'n geleidende materiaal deur 'n ge-ioniseerde lugstraal (elektriese boogvlam) teen 'n baie hoë temperatuur gesmelt word en weggeblaas word.
Ons gebruik 'n Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 151 met 'n CNC koppelvlak wat ons aangepas het op 'n CNC masjien.

Plasma cutting - samples